Blow away the stress of exams with Floating Images’ graduation presents!

It’s now October and we all know what that means its almost the end of the school and study year, time to put down the books, take a break and for some lucky students it’s time to graduate!

Graduations are a special time for students, whether they are graduating from high school, university and TAFE courses or from a traineeship or apprenticeship, all students want to celebrate their achievements.

As a mother, father, friend, partner, grandparent or other loved-one, graduation is a time for you to join in on these celebrations, and there really is no better way to say I love you and we are proud of you than a calm, relaxing Hot Air Balloon Flight as a graduation present a great chance to chill out and unwind after the pressures of final exams and assessment before taking that next big step into the workplace or further study.

Floating Images hot air balloon flights over Ipswich, the Scenic Rim & Somerset region, really are a unique and memorable experience for all involved. Whether you decide to join in on the flight itself or you opt to take part in the pre-flight inflation or (very tasty!) champagne restaurant breakfast afterwards, spending the morning celebrating with your graduating student will be nothing less than rewarding and memorable for all involved.

The flexibility of Floating Images hot air balloon flights means that you can opt to book a flight for the morning of the graduation if it is an afternoon or evening ceremony so you can really make a day of it. If the graduation is in the morning, or if the day will already be busy enough you can purchase a Floating Images hot air balloon flight gift voucher as a graduation present so the flight can be booked on any day (yes that includes weekends, holidays, public holidays, peak periods any day!) within 12 months of purchase and the student can arrange the best time for their schedule.

Don’t hesitate and settle for a last minute bunch of flowers or box of chocolates from the supermarket, book a flight or purchase a gift voucher for your graduating student and help them celebrate in style, just like they deserve!