Covid - 19 Health & Safety

Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights Safety Practices & Hygiene Commitment

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For Customer And Staff Wellbeing

Floating Images has a tightly controlled set of safety procedures and are based on industry best practices. Floating Images is committed to continual refinement in the pursuit of excellence in safety practices & hygiene procedures.

We have a strict cleaning process performed daily after each ballooning experience. This includes cleaning all ballooning baskets, equipment and motor vehicles utilized within each flight. We perform the cleaning of each vehicle and balloon basket on a daily flight basis to ensure our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained.


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops worldwide, the team at Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights has been closely monitoring the progress. We continue to reaffirm our commitment to proactively ensuring the safety of all staff, customers and passengers when visiting our office or undertaking our ballooning experience and continue to monitor our policies to ensure best practice in an evolving situation.

The safety, health and wellbeing of our clients and team members is our number one priority.

In response to COVID-19 we are closely following daily advisories from the Australian Government and Queensland Government to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests.

We would like to share with you our precautionary measures and proactive approach to reinforcing our already vigilant customer safety and hygiene practices.

In line with guidance provided by the health authorities and in the best interest of our customers and staff we have further reinforced our cleanliness measures and implemented new strategies and guidelines around hygiene management and social contact.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have:

  • Increased our daily cleaning processes after each flight
  • Added additional antibacterial hand sanitizers within each vehicle for customers and staff use
  • Added additional antibacterial disinfectant surface cleaning wipes within each vehicle for customers and staff use
  • Implemented additional health & safety procedures for all Floating Images staff including understanding their responsibility for regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and washing of hands
  • Gloves are being worn by all staff during vehicle & balloon basket and equipment cleans.
  • In addition to regular cleaning procedures, we are sanitizing high traffic / high usage areas and surfaces before and after every flight, including regularly disinfecting all surfaces and equipment
  • Consistently communicating to staff and customers about maintaining safe hygiene
  • Implemented a “No touch and Social distance” policy, by advising passengers and staff to keep a social distance and avoid physical contact with other passengers where ever possible.
    Please note however: the size and scale of our balloon basket & vehicles may not allow for significant personal space between passengers during the ballooning experience.
  • Staff pre-screening; employees have been instructed to never come to work if they experience fever or any Coronavirus symptoms
  • Passenger pre-screening; checking with potential passengers who may have recently travelled to verify that they have monitored their health over a 7 days pre-emptive restrictive period and asking that they show no signs (ie if they experience fever or any Coronavirus symptoms) prior to undertaking our ballooning experience
  • No entry for anyone showing symptoms (ie if they experience fever or any Coronavirus symptoms) in the past 7 days, have been in isolation and have had a positive RAT or PCR test.
  • Working with contractors/ suppliers to ensure they follow our standard hygiene procedures
  • Promote fresh airflow through our ballooning basket and motor vehicles and if possible open vehicle windows instead of using air conditioning

Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights will continue to monitor official advice from both federal and state government authorities on an ongoing basis.

Sharing advice to stay healthy

Given the heightened alert of COVID-19 in Australia we’re reminding everyone who attends Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights to follow guidance from the public health authorities when attending their ballooning experience.

  • Maintaining a good level of hygiene:
    • Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water
    • When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue – throw the tissue away immediately and wash hands
  • Keeping enough space between you and other people to reduce exposure to risk and avoiding physical contact (including high fives, handshakes, kissing and hugs)
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Do not attend if you are unwell and report cases of fever, coughing or other flu-like symptoms to your doctor or call the national COVID-19 Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

For more information, visit the World Health Organization website

We want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights as you plan your ballooning experience.

All ballooning experiences are currently still going ahead with extra precautionary measures taken, to ensure our customers are safe and have an enjoyable time.  While we are currently maintaining regular operations, our ballooning experience is fully prepared to adapt in
order to better suit the needs of the community. We are happy to work with you on rescheduling any existing bookings. Please contact us at and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options.

We value our loyal guests and will be as accommodating as possible during this dynamic and changing situation. With current levels of uncertainty within the community we understand that our customers may be reluctant to plan future balloon flights. We want to ensure that our customers can book their Floating Images experience knowing they have the flexibility to move their booking if they decide to in the future.  Find details about postponing your ballooning experience in our Terms & Conditions here:

Of course Ballooning Experience Vouchers are available for purchase now if you wish to gift to that someone special in your life a ballooning experience but wish to postpone booking and flying on that special day soon. Find out more on our website

Now more than ever we are focused on ensuring we can continue to deliver an experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and respond to any development in the best interests of our customers and staff.

At this time, it is important that as passionate Australians we get behind the leadership of our country and ensure that Australia stays in front of the curve in relation to COVID-19. 

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our communities safe, and for supporting one another as we unite in navigating this moment together. We’re proud to be a part of and to serve this community. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

If you have any other questions about our ballooning experiences or our hygiene commitments, please give us a
call on 07 3294 8770. Let’s unite together, keep well, and get through this.

Soft breezes & Gentle landings,

Graeme Day

Managing Director & Chief Pilot.