Stuck for Valentines Day Ideas? Let us help!

It’s just under a month away but we can bet you are already stuck for Valentines Day ideas! This year Valentines Day falls on a Thursday which makes it a bit hard to arrange an amazing evening around work, exercise and every day commitment schedules. Our guess is that you probably haven’t thought of Valentines Day ideas that allow you to give a fantastic gift on the day and enjoy the experience of a lifetime on another… We have and we can help!

Picture this:

Valentines Day Ideas with Floating ImagesIt’s the morning of Valentines Day, your partner expects you to have forgotten about getting a present but instead you surprise them with the news that you have planned a super secret and romantic day for the two of you to enjoy over the weekend.

You’ll be getting up nice and early, going on a little trip, having an experience of a lifetime aboard a hot air balloon flight and at the end of it all you’ll sit down to a scrumptious champagne breakfast where you can plan the rest of the day or just head home with fantastic memories and euphoric feelings after a wondrous morning that is simply unbeatable.

You’re probably reading this thinking it all sounds like too much effort, but luckily for you we’ve done all the hard work and all you need to do is pick the perfect date for your adventure and take a short drive on the day.

So how do you find this fantastic Valentines Day idea?

You don’t need to go looking… you have already found it! The perfect Valentines Day idea is a hot air balloon flight with Floating Images.

Our hot air balloon flights meet at Limestone Park, Ipswich (which is just a short 30 minute drive west of the Brisbane CBD) just on daybreak. We unpack and inflate the balloon and then gracefully lift off and float along with the morning breeze for an hour of spectacular views and breathtaking moments (we fly with a maximum of just 11 passengers and can even do exclusive charters to ensure your romantic experience is as intimate as possible. T & C apply). After the flight we touch down, pack the balloon back up and then settle in for a restaurant cooked hot breakfast and champagne before you leave to enjoy the rest of your day calm and relaxed after such a great start to the day.

Our full hot air balloon flight and breakfast package is just $330 per adult and is all inclusive. If you are having troubles selecting the date for your flight experience we also offer gift vouchers that are redeemable on any day of the year up to 12 months after purchase.

What are you waiting for? Show that someone special in your life just how much you care with one of your best Valentines Day ideas yet!

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