Tick a hot air balloon flight off your bucket list!

We all have that long list of things we want to do before we die – travel the world, climb Mount Everest, make a few million dollars the list goes on! Most of our bucket list items seem to be nothing but wild dreams and fantasies but there is one item you can tick off your bucket list tomorrow!

It’s not expensive, on the other side of the planet or a massive amount of work. You can actually do it without leaving the state in fact you don’t even need to leave South East Queensland to tick this fantastic item off your bucket list!

What are we talking about? A hot air balloon flight of course!

Hot air balloon flights are the perfect way to experience something brand new, it’s a feeling that can never truly be described with words or images  one that you really do have to experience yourself to understand the euphoria it brings.

At Floating Images our Hot Air Balloon Flights are the perfect addition to your bucket list (and the best place to get started ticking things off). Our flight experience has you revelling in the joy and wonder of floating oh-so-effortlessly along with the breeze just like a feather gently floating in the wind.

The smooth and almost motionless feeling of a hot air balloon flight means that even the most susceptible to motion or travel sickness are left unaffected and the height and sturdiness of the basket means those with fears of heights don’t experience the horrifying feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff. It is these elements, along with the ease of participation that makes flying in a hot air balloon the perfect experience for anyone looking to tick off their bucket list, no matter the age.

Our hot air balloon flights provide you with a flight time of approximately one hour, and include the optional participation in the inflation and deflation of the balloon, all transfers to and from lift off and landing point, a scrumptious restaurant cooked champagne breakfast and a commemorative flight certificate. During the flight you are welcome to take as many pictures as you like, ask questions of our experienced pilot Graeme Day and generally relax and unwind with the breeze, you really do get to do what ever suits you – after all that’s what our commitment to unique boutique ballooning and personal service is all about – you!

As Toni Snell (a past passenger) said in her Trip Advisor review  In my opinion, a hot air balloon flight is something everyone should have on their bucket list, and a flight with Floating Images is worth every single cent. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

For those looking to purchase a hot air balloon flight as a present we also offer gift vouchers that can be used any day of the year within 12 months of purchase – the best way to ensure the recipient gets to fly at a time that best suits them!

What are you waiting for? Tick off your bucket list today and book your hot air balloon flight with Floating Images – we’re Brisbane’s closest Hot Air Balloon ride – simply a short 30 minute drive west from the Brisbane CBD!